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Industry Standard

CISCA- Pedestal Axial Loading Test



To verify the axial load an access floor pedestal assembly can withstand without structural failure or damage to components inclusive of threads, nuts, collars, etc.


  1. A minimum of three (3) randomly selected pedestal assemblies shall be tested for each floor height. Pedestals shall be identical to those used in normal installations for their corresponding floor heights, including thread engagements normally utilized in field conditions.

  2. Pedestal assemblies shall be tested for maximum floor heights of each assembly design or configuration.

  3. Loads shall be imposed and measured through a properly calibrated and appropriately sized load sensor over the center of the pedestal head. The load indentor or applicator may be machined to integrate with the pedestal head to simulate the loading of the four corners of the panels.


Test Procedure:

  1. Align the Pedestal assembly in the testing apparatus and apply an increasing load centered on the pedestal until the desired load is reached. Hold imposed load for minimum of one (1) minute duration. The load shall then be relaxed and the assembly visually inspected for damage. Adjusting devices, locking devices, threads shall be workable by hand. Rate of load application shall not exceed 10,000 pounds per minute (44.5 kN/min).



  1. Reference of testing procedure described herein by CISCA A/F section number shall be included in report.

  2. All apparatus, equipment, instrumentation, accuracy ranges, etc. shall be described including equipment calibration/certification dates.

  3. Materials tested shall be fully described or referenced to manufacturers' drawings and part numbers containing the following:

  4.          . Materials of construction, weight, nominal dimensions and thicknesses.

  5. Report load applied and relaxed for each pedestal and describe damage to components, if any.


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