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How to choose anti-static access floor?

1. The first thing is to accurate calculation of the room building required anti-static floor of the total area (or blocks) and the number of various accessories (standard ratio of 1: 3.5.1: 5.2), and leave margin, so as to avoid waste or shortages.

2. Fully understand anti-static flooring variety and quality, and a variety of technical performance indicators.

The technical performance of anti-static flooring mainly refers to its mechanical properties and electrical properties. Mechanical properties mainly consider its carrying capacity, wear resistance.

3. The weight of the heaviest equipment in the equipment room should be used as the basis to determine the load of the anti-static floor. This will prevent some equipment from being too heavy and cause the permanent deformation or breakage of the floor.

4. Under the impact of external environmental conditions, anti-static acees floors change small. That is, when the room temperature is slightly higher, anti-static floors can not be removed and replaced because of stretching and expansion; Under low temperature, contraction of anti-static floor , resulting in a sense of loosening. Anti-static floor by the impact of environmental contraction should be less than 0.5mm, the board deflection should be less than 0.25mm.

5. Anti-static floor surface should not reflective, non-slip, corrosion-resistant, can not afford to dust, easy to clean.


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