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With the rapid improvement of living standards, more and more people care about cultural taste and health of the living environment of the office. Anti-static floor widely used in high-grade office buildings, distribution rooms, computer rooms, satellite ground station room, radio control room, launch pad, control room, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, clean room, electronic equipment factory assembly Workshop, confidential optical equipment manufacturing workshop, hospitals, schools, office space and anti-static requirements of the workplace.
Anti-static floor of the wide range of applications, no doubt to add a lot of convenience to our lives.
First, this convenience is reflected in its installation, laying and maintenance are very simple and quick. But also play a protective role in a variety of cables, wires, data lines and sockets.

Second, the anti-static floor can eliminate the exposed cable on the human body. Can make electrostatic charge leak to ground, and reflect electromagnetic radiation.

Third, the anti-static floor can make electronic room, electronic instrument factory assembly workshop, control room and other space to obtain a satisfactory airflow organization.
For our healthy and comfortable office living environment, while focusing on the environment of fashion, anti-static access floor a should be a good choice.


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