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Acknowledge of Anti-static Access Floor

1. Definition

Anti-static access floor, also known as dissipative electrostatic floor, is a floor, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, so that the charge can be dissipated to resistance in the 10 to 5 to 10 9 ohm . "GB50174-2008 electronic information system room design specification" provides: anti-static access floor or the surface resistance or volume resistance should be 2.5 × l04 ~ 1.0 × 109Ω.

2. Characteristics

Anti-static technology of computer room, are part of security and protection of the engine room. Electrostatic problem is not only difficult to find out, and sometimes software personnel mistaken for a software failure, resulting in confusion. In addition, static electricity through the human body to the computer or other equipment discharge (the so-called ignition).  When the energy reaches a certain extent, will give people the feeling of electric shock (for example, sometimes touch the computer monitor or chassis)

Note: After laying anti-static floor , be sure to carry out anti-static grounding treatment and then to protect the resistance box, or not achieve anti-static effect.

3. Technical indicators

. Conductivity: surface resistance 106 - 109 ohm; volume resistivity 107 - 1010 ohm / cm

. Pyrotechnic properties: not less than 1600 ℃

. Wear resistance: 4/6000 rpm

. Very cold and extremely hot: 15 ℃ -105 ℃

. No obvious cracks occurred after 10 times of quenching and thermal cycling

. Modulus of fracture: the minimum value is not less than 27Mpa

. Warp: ± 0.5%

. Floor size: 600 × 600 × 10mm

. Conforms to the specification for the anti-static ceramic floor

4. Scope of application


Anti-static raised floor is mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communication room, satellite ground station room, radio control room, TV transmitting station control room, Engine room, central control room and so on.

Microelectronics Industry:

Anti-static products in the production of micro-electronics industry has a wide range of applications for electronic components, semiconductors, electronic products assembly and large-scale, large scale integrated circuit clean workshop, to avoid the body in the workshop to generate static electricity. Control of electrostatic discharge on computer communications, various types of electronic equipment and electrostatic sensitive device hazards, to prevent computer memory and electronic equipment within the damage.

Other Applications:

For electrostatic sensitive to the arms, flammable and explosive places and petrochemical plant and hospital operating room, anesthesia room, oxygen bar and other places with anti-static requirements.


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